Thursday, August 5, 2021

Punctuation Marks and Simple Blessings



We think it is the big moments that define our lives - the wedding, the baby, the new house, the dream job. But really these big moments of happiness are just punctuation marks. The narrative is written every day in the small and simple. 
Sarah Ban Breathnach, Author of Simple Abundance


Don't get me wrong: I look forward to big moments, too (especially a wedding coming in 2022 for our family!)

Brent & Susan - newly engaged!!


But I also appreciate the not-so-monumental times ... like rides to the pasture to replace the fence charger battery with my favorite farmer and some pretty scenes from Rattlesnake Creek.

The sunrises and sunsets from the Kansas flatlands may not have universal appeal like those from a mountain-top or from a sandy beach, but they are still moments to savor.

And they are a reminder to be thankful. I follow The Farmer's Daughter on Facebook. She has  finished a round of chemo for cancer, and I was struck by the post she shared on her birthday last month:

I'm just grateful.
This past year was tumultuous and upending and trying. I stared death in the face more times than I care to admit. And I finally understand that growing older is a blessing. An absolute blessing.
Folks, life is short.
Don't waste your time angry.
Prioritize the people you love.
Be kind.
Put down your phone.
Enjoy the sunsets.
Stop comparing yourself to others.
Slow down.
Be present.

Those are powerful words ... and a reminder to not let the little moments pass me by. 
 The message was reinforced with one of my daily email devotionals:


A Time to Think

If you begin to live life looking for the God that is all around you, every moment becomes a prayer. 
–Frank Bianco, U.S. journalist and photographer

Thankfully, the Kansas sunsets provide plenty of free beauty - just for the taking.

The sunset one evening seemed creased by a jet moving through gold-tinged clouds. And I hoped that the passengers were appreciating the view, too.

Simplify, slow down, be kind. And don't forget to have art in your life - music, paintings, theater, dance and sunsets. 
Eric Carle
A close-up of the clouds as the sun played hide and seek
 Good advice, don't you think?


  1. Congratulations to Brent and Susan.
    Your words resonate in my heart. So much beauty to be found in every day without a price tag, especially in these covid times.

    1. We are excited about the wedding. Though we already feel like Susan is part of the family, we are thrilled to make it official.