Thursday, February 23, 2023

Baby Face


Check out the eyelashes on this little one!

We were sightseeing in the cattle lot, and a song drifted into my head: 
Baby face
you've got the cutest little baby face
there ain't nobody can ever take your place
you baby face
my poor hearts jumping
you started something
Baby face ...
I never need no shove
cuz I just fell in love with your
pretty pretty baby face.
Sung by Bobby Darin
It doesn't take much for a song to get stuck in my head. And I'm definitely not alone. 
More than 100 years ago, Germans coined the term öhrwurm—earworm—to describe the experience of a song stuck in the brain. Scientists call it other names, like “stuck tune syndrome” and “musical imagery repetition.” But the creepy image of an earworm crawling into people’s brains caught on.  
Your Brain on Music from The Kennedy Center

If Randy is feeling ornery, he makes it his mission to begin the earworm process. Maybe he'll hum "Take Me Home, Country Roads" under his breath. Or "The Long and Winding Road." Gee, thanks, honey!

Usually, my brain continues to sing along after I get out of the car and the radio quits playing. Or after the final hymn is sung at church. Or when an advertising jingle refuses to go away after the 60-second commercial is long gone.

TV and radio ads are a common source of earworms. Advertisers do their best to compose jingles or short songs they hope will turn into earworms. If they succeed, that means they have done their job to get customers to remember their restaurant, breakfast cereal, or other product. Another advertising strategy is to add classical or pop music that has already gained fame. For example, Bob Seger’s hit song “Like a Rock” was the theme song for Chevy trucks for many years.

from the article, Your Brain on Music 

I'm a sucker for a catchy tune ... and for cute little bovine babies. Thankfully, this tourist spot doesn't charge admission for the photos or the incidental music playing in my head.

(I'd better not say that too loud. Todd and Tye may start charging us in a "pay-per-view" plan.)

 I couldn't resist this little one. Check out the milk mustache!  

I have always been a sucker for babies with facial markings.

But, in these days when we strive not to offend anyone, I decided to feature another cute face, sans markings. 

This little one wasn't ready for any paparazzi. Snack time is much more important.

An afternoon snack was important for this guy, too. And speaking of brains, I'm still getting "This does not compute" messages when I see mismatched mamas and babies. They definitely take after their daddies. (I can relate to that, too. Jill has never looked anything like me.)

This one seemed more interested in a game of hide-and-seek than the lady with the camera.

We watched this poor mama with three babies trying to nurse off her at the same time. 

Only one of them was hers. Maybe she had the song, "Crazy," going around in her head.

 I would have. Just sayin'.


  1. Well I have most certainly fallen in love with these baby faces. The white claf with her Mum is gorgeous!
    Joc and I had a day in the country, yesterday and spent lots of time oohing and aahing over grazing cattle.