May morning after rain

May morning after rain

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Like the Redwoods

Muir Woods near San Francisco, California
I could probably learn a thing or two from a redwood tree.

Most trees have a root system that grows deep and long into the earth to anchor the tree and feed it. That's not how redwoods grow. Instead, they integrate their roots with other redwoods close to the top of the earth. This integration, or intertwining, of roots helps all the redwood trees stay together and live a long and healthy life.

How would our lives change if we became "community" like a redwood forest? Like the redwoods, when the winds blow and the storm rage, we can "hang on" to one another if we are involved in community. In order to survive the storms of life, we need a root system anchored by our faith in God and supported by a community of others.

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C'mon! We'll make it worth the trip to visit!
Photos taken in 2007 on a trip for our 26th wedding anniversary.
Today, I'm linked to Iowa farm wife and blogger of faith Jennifer Dukes Lee's Getting Down With Jesus and her Wednesday link-up, God-Bumps and God Incidences. Her post today really hit home with me: Yoda, Jillian Michaels, Women of Faith. I think it will with you, too.


  1. I love this comparison of community to redwoods. They seem so strong and towering. Enjoyed visiting here!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Christina!