Portrait in Ice

Portrait in Ice
January 2017

Monday, August 13, 2012

Deja Vu

Kinley is quite the helper these days. She will gladly help clean up after dinner by sweeping the floor under the table on her hands and knees. Why go around the table and chairs when you can go through them?
She will load the dishwasher (and attempt to unload it, too).

Jill had posted a photo of Kinley at the dishwasher on Facebook a couple weeks ago. When we saw it, we asked if her parents had placed her there. We thought they were perhaps overzealous in their attempts to train a good helper.

But this past weekend, we babysat Kinley while her Mommy and Daddy celebrated their third wedding anniversary. We discovered that Kinley can get into these helpful positions all by herself. If given the chance, she will crawl into the dishwasher.

And then I remembered another little girl who was pulling up and getting into things at about the same time.
Jill - About 8 months old- complete with toilet paper in her mouth.
There may have been a little deja vu going on as I chased Kinley from one room to the other.
Kinley - 7 1/2 months old
There is a difference: These days,  I'm considerably older.

I won't be a bit surprised if Kinley follows in her Mommy's footsteps - literally. Jill was walking at 9 1/2 months old. I retrieved her from on top of the dining room table sometime not long after that.
Forget trying to get her to sit still for a photo. Here she comes for the camera. Grandma missed her forehead and her hands - but look at those beautiful eyes and eyelashes, so I had to share it anyway.

Gone are the days when we lay Dolly down and see how much she's shrunk.

January 1, 2012
 Watch out Dolly! You are about to be thrown out of the toy basket.
August 12, 2012
It's good Kinley's parents are young.


  1. Adorable! And I totally agree! I feel my age much more when chasing after my Granddaughter than any other time!

    1. Thanks Jerri! It was lots of fun!

  2. Your story sounds just like our experience when our 11-month-old grandson comes to visit. He can hear the dishwasher door open from any room in the house and he is right there. He was walking at 10 months. Visits like this remind us why we have our children when we are young -- it also allows us to be "young enough" to enjoy our grandchildren.

    1. Kinley definitely wants to be where the action is. Sounds like your grandson does, too! Isn't it fun to be a part of their lives?!

  3. I noticed Kinley's beautiful eyes right away! looks like a great way to spend the weekend, Kim.

    1. It definitely was fun. She got her Mommy's eyes. Her Daddy may have had something to do with it, since he has blue eyes, too :0)