Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Hot Date

My Farmer asked me on a hot date. Riding on the back of a 4-wheeler to check pastures during a warm summer day qualifies as a hot date, doesn't it?
Well, it wasn't exactly a date at a fine dining establishment. But then again, our cattle aren't exactly at a prime location for chow these days either. Their meals are being "fried" with heat that would rival any diner griddle.

Still, there was good news when we found water at the Ninnescah Pasture. We know others along that river aren't so fortunate. An article in last Friday's Hutchinson News told a different tale.
Drought has sucked the Ninnescah River dry past the U.S. Geological Survey's gauge at Whiteside Road (in Reno County), something that hasn't happened since 1966.
The Hutchinson News, Friday, August 3, 2012
Water = happy cattle = happy farmer = equals happy date. 

There's a dam on the river there, and water still tumbled over it, though it certainly wasn't the roar of water experienced during the wet spring and summer of 2010.
2012 on the left; 2010 on the right at the same location.
Here's another comparison - 2012 on the left and 2010 on the right.
As we came to the dam, we saw cattle walking toward the water. They reminded me of kids on the way to the water fountain at school after a hot recess period.
While the pasture grasses are depleted during this second summer of drought, Randy hopes the river and the cows' meal ticket will hold out for awhile longer. In a normal year, we don't bring cattle home off pasture until late October or early November.

Our cow/calf herd may have their summer vacation cut a bit short again this year. We'll see if any of them ends up with a date to the sale barn.

Please keep praying for rain!


  1. You'll give that Ree Drummond gal a run for her money. I just can't take her seriously:)

    1. Actually, we neither. But she certainly has lots of followers and I can't deny her success. Ah well! I wouldn't trade for anything.

    2. Glad we concur. My friends in Florida thought I would love her. I just don't! But my sister likes her cooking show:)

    3. Just realized I had a typo in the response. "Me" neither. Thanks Patty!!