Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Harvest Helper by Kinley Marie

June 28, 2013 - Kinley at 18 months
Hello all! It's Kinley Marie with another report from the farm.

Last Thursday night, we surprised Grandma for her birthday. While we were there, we decided we should help with harvest. Wheat harvest seems to be a big deal in Kansas. The big people in my life tell me that Kansas is known as the Wheat State. Since I didn't see much harvesting going on where I live, it's good I headed to South Central Kansas. I wouldn't want to miss out on something so important.

I'd only read about combines before I got to the field. Grandpa's combine was loud. I wasn't so sure riding in it was a good idea. Maybe I'd just stay behind with Grandma and Daddy. But, since Grandpa and Mommy really needed the help, I decided I'd give it a try.
Mommy told me that she used to go on combine rides when she was about my age. If she could do it, so could I.
Jill and Randy - 1987
Once we got into the cab, it wasn't so loud. Grandpa thought maybe I should drive, but I decided I was on vacation and I'd just watch. It looked like a lot of buttons and levers to me. Better to let him figure it all out.
We went up and down a field. The wheat stalks went into this thing at the front of the combine that looked like it was playing Ring Around the Rosie. Then a whole bunch of chaff and dust got chewed up and spit out behind us. I was glad I was in a cab and not out there in that mess! I saw a barn and a bunny and some birds, plus a lot of wheat. Grandpa told me to watch for deer and turkeys, but I didn't see any.
When we got back to the other end, we needed to unload the grain into the trucks so that Jake could take it to the elevator. That was another time I was glad Grandpa was driving. How does he get so close to the truck without hitting it? I watched carefully as he dumped the wheat. I was supposed to let him know if it looked like any was going to spill over.
We went on another round, and after we unloaded the wheat, we unloaded me because Grandma needed my help. A harvest helper's work is never done.
Earlier in the day, I had taste-tested the cookies that Mommy made to go into the meals. They were finger-licking good. When we were getting ready to take supper, I wanted to carry the coolers. I drug them around in the kitchen while Mommy and Grandma got the hot stuff ready, but they were a little too heavy for me to carry to the pickup. I did carry the towel. Grandma says the towel is one of the most important things to remember when taking meals to the field. It can be hot and dirty in the wheat field.
While we were waiting on the guys to get back to the truck, I decided to run off a few of those cookie calories by racing Mommy. I liked the dirt road.
Finally, the guys got back to the pickup, and I helped by giving Grandpa his lunch. I decided to keep him company by sitting in the pickup bed and eating my Cheerios. Nobody asked me to share. I guess he had enough with his Rock 'n' Roll Beef Wraps, spinach-artichoke dip and chips, grapes and cookies.

Whew! Wheat harvest is busy, busy, busy! But I did find time to check in with my friends, Grandpa's cats and kittens.
I'm always glad to visit the farm. I couldn't wait to go back and tell all my friends that I am a harvest helper. I'm not sure Grandpa and Grandma could have done it without me. As a matter of fact, once I left, they had combine problems. But that's a story for another day. I'll leave my Grandma to tell it.

Until next time,
Kinley Marie


  1. Simply priceless! Yay for you Kinley Marie.

    1. We had lots of fun and made some memories. From Kinley's Grandma. :-)

  2. Such a cutie! And quite the helper. Always great to see a farmer who isn't so panicked that he can make time for the littles.

    1. Randy truly enjoys his visits from little people! She definitely was a helper. It looks like you had quite a helper today, too. She's so cute! Someday, we will have enough hair to get it in ponytails like your Bug! Jill was just like that, too, and I hear her Daddy didn't have that much hair either.