Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Newest Exercise Trend: Snow Cardio

I walked on the treadmill yesterday morning. Randy repeatedly walked back and forth to the corral to check on heifers.

After taking one snowy trip with him, I think he got the better workout. (These photos were from the 1:15 PM trip, so it doesn't show the extent of the snow we eventually got, probably 8.5 inches or so.)
"That is hard work," he declared when he came back to the house after the 11 PM check.
Thankfully, no new babies arrived during yesterday's storm. Randy calls little 408 "Super" since it was born during the Super Bowl on Sunday.
This little calf decided to play in the bale feeder. It took him awhile to figure out how to get extricated. I suppose it was the promise of fresh, warm milk that finally had him leaping through the crossbars.
Snow made an impromptu modern art installation on the planks of the old barn.
And while it looks like I'm advertising for fencing, I just liked the contrast of the cold icicles with the old barn. 
This morning, Randy again made the trek to the barn. He bundled up even more, since the thermometer says it's 0 and the wind chill is sub-zero. The guys will be busy this morning feeding at three different locations. Now that the snow has stopped, they'll spread out more straw for the cattle to lay upon. We'll see if I add a snow component to my workout later today. The guys don't have a choice. Their cardio routine will definitely include leg lifts with the resistance of snow drifts.


  1. Kim,
    Snow and cold make for a lot of extra work. Especially during calving. Looks like the guys are keeping a good eye on the cattle and the babies are doing good.

    -11* here this morning. The trees don't look like they are moving too much. At this temp a little breeze can be cold. The last few days have been cold and sounds like these temps will stay through the weekend.

    The Hubby is fighting a head cold. Last night I felt kind of iffy. I am good this morning, but will see what the day brings.

    1. It's not supposed to get above 8 degrees today, but wind chills are -15 to -20. I hope the illness is short-lived. We may get a little more snow later in the week. Brrrr!

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