Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wake-Up Calls

Some people get wake-up calls. I get sunrise calls.

After Randy checked heifers early yesterday morning, he decided to head to town for breakfast. (I think he really goes there for farmer conversation.)

Anyway, he knows that I'm in the basement working on KFRM radio reports and the blog (and maybe reading a little email and Facebook, too, if I'm honest). From my basement office, I don't necessarily know that a beautiful sunrise is brewing.

I got one of those sunrise calls yesterday morning. I don't need daisy petals to know my farmer loves me. He "gives" me sunrises. I guess, in a way, they are wake-up calls -- calls to get out of the basement and check out the beauty.
You've heard of "frost on the pumpkin." How about frost on the heifer? And even better, how about a little frost illuminated by a rainbow-lit sky?
There won't be a spectacular sunrise today. But I do see some snow photos in my future as Kansas braces for a powerful winter storm. We'll see how many of the heifers decide today is the day for their babies to be born. That could be a wake-up call, too, though not nearly as pretty.


  1. Your photos are beautiful! And Randy would fit in well with the Tiny Town farming coffee crew. :)

    1. Thanks, Mrs. E! Yes, I think these farmer conversations are pretty universal.