Monday, February 10, 2014

The Guard Cat

Some businesses have guard dogs. They growl and gnash their teeth and drool on the floor as ferocious dogs are supposed to do.

But some locations have guard cats. There is less drooling, but more disdain.
When we parked on Stafford's Main Street to get the Sunday paper after church, I glimpsed the occupant of 109 North Main sunning herself in the window.  She must have been on break from her guard duties. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and not jump to the conclusion that she was goofing off on the job.
Her glassy-eyed stare through the window dared me to stay away.

Let's hope she's giving that same attitude to the mice.


(These photos were taken February 2. That's why there is no snow. We got another 3 to 4 inches overnight.)


  1. Love the guard cat., She looks totally in control of her domain. The cat Dad had in the shop behaved just like that. A sunny window was her best friend. In Meow's case I know the mice were in fear since she frequently brought a dead one to lay on Mom's desk.

    1. I am afraid I would not like to see the "gifts" that Meow provided, though I would be very thankful for her service!