Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Career Exploration by Kinley Marie

"To infinity and beyond!"

Hi! Kinley Marie here. Now that I'm 3 and a big sister, it's not too early to explore possible career options.

Grandma Kim may have thought we were just playing during our trip to the Topeka Discovery Center and the Topeka Zoo. But, like my Mommy, I'm a planner, so I decided to do a little career exploration while we were there. One job was out of this world - literally. I could be an astronaut and fly to the International Space Station. However, I heard on the news that an American astronaut just left to spend a year in outer space.That's a really long time, and people might miss me. Plus, I'm not too fond of the dark.
So maybe I'll be an engineer like my Daddy. I really liked all the gears and pulleys on this contraption.
I could be an architect ...
... or a builder. Grandma was impressed when I stacked so many blocks without them falling over. My sister, Brooke, is much more interested in knocking down blocks. We're a good team, I guess. What do you think of K & B Design? (Brooke will probably campaign for B & K Design. That will have to be part of the business negotiations, I suppose.)
I could be a mechanic. Or maybe I could be a race car driver like Danica Patrick. Maybe I'll keep that career option to myself. I wouldn't want the parents to be afraid of sharing the car keys some day. As fast as my first 3 years went, I'll be turning 16 before you know it!
I've thought about being a kitty, but I'm not sure that's going to work out for me (though I do a great meow). So maybe I could be a small animal veterinarian and work with kitties. My Grandpa Randy and my Grandma Christy could help keep me in business. They like kitties, too.
Horses need doctoring, too, so maybe I'll go for a large animal practice. My Grandpa Randy says there could be a job opening working cattle on the farm in a few years. Move over, Dr. Harder and Dr. Dick! What's wrong with a little nepotism?
Since I'm always saying, "Shoo fly" to any wandering insects, I'm not sure entomology is the job for me.
But maybe a herpetologist? I do love turtles, and snakes don't really bother me. See? I'm standing right by a snake and smiling. Of course, he is in a cage.

Maybe I could lead safaris to see elephants. I really like visiting Sunda and Tembo at the zoo.
I like animals, but maybe a career treating human patients would be good. After seeing how long a small intestine is, I think I could choose a career in gastroenterology. It certainly seems to cover a lot of territory - and that's just for one person. Just think about treating that much "real estate" in a whole medical practice!
Maybe a career in the arts would be more to my liking. I took this picture of Grandma. It turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself. Grandma says it's in focus, which is more than she can say for most of Grandpa's photos.Grandma says I could be a reporter because I have lots of questions.
And Grandma thought my painting rivaled Picasso. I decided to start my own blue (and red) period pieces.
Interior decorating could be my calling. Holiday decorating is my forte.
I could become a famous chef or a dietitian like my Mommy. 

What's a girl to do? There are just so many paths to take.
I wonder if there's a career counselor in kindergarten. The Class of 2030 wants to know.

Until next time,
Kinley Marie


  1. Hilarious!! You write so well Kim. Aren't we so grateful that we live in an age, and in a country, where Kinley, and all her generation can take whatever career path they like, do whatever they like.

    1. Thanks, Lynda! It's fun to do something a little different every now and then. And, yes! I'm glad she will have lots of options. It will be interesting to see how their lives evolve as they grow and discover their passions.