Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Down a Different Road

When there are more than 6,600 head of cattle going through a sale ring, it takes awhile. So we took a break during the action at Pratt Livestock and took a detour to the Pratt County Lake.
The Ninnescah River
We had our walking shoes and some time. It was a nice change of pace - so to speak - from my winter walks on the treadmill or on the gravel roads of the County Line.
Even though it's my home county, it had been years since I'd been at the Pratt County Lake.
We weren't the only creatures enjoying the lake on a sunny, early spring day.
And though the colors still seemed more like winter than spring, the warm day was a nice prelude to the season.
There's beauty in all seasons and in all places, if we just open our eyes.


  1. Love the turtles! How cute.
    Looks like a gorgeous spring day.

    1. It was. And it was nice to get out of the rather aromatic sale barn for a little bit and get some fresh air.