Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sleek Lines, High Performance

Randy's is enjoying a new vibrant red and yellow contraption with sleek lines.

Nope, he hasn't chosen a sports car or one of those fancy, souped up motorcycles. It's a self-water unit for the cattle. Two of them, no less. (Might as well dream big, right?)

He and Jake worked on installing them. They only had to call in the professionals once. Let's just say there's a reason plumbers go to trade school: They can install water lines and still leave a family with water at the end of the day. (Jake's family ended up going to grandma's house for showers one night. That came after repeated trips to Hutchinson for repairs.)

Before this, the corral water pumps have been on timers or the guys have had to manually turn them on to fill the tanks.

Randy says the inside works on the same principle as a toilet. (I won't tell the cattle: I don't want to compare their drinking water to a toilet bowl.)

Our cattle have always drunk from tanks, so I didn't know what the learning curve would be. But they seem to have figured it out. They press down on the rounded spheres, and they can slurp up water to their heart's content.

Since it's double sided, it's like a buffet: The cattle in the corral can drink from one side and the cattle in the pasture from the other.

Hey, no elbowing guys!

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