Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peace: A Photo Essay

The 23rd Psalm is only around 118 words, depending upon the translation. For me, it paints a word picture of peace.

I love seeing "messages" from God as I go throughout my day. He's in the sunrises and the sunsets. He's in the touch of a loved one's hand. He's in the phone call from a friend. He's in the cool breeze as I walk. He's in a table filled with food and a house that shelters me. He's in the big moments and in the small little blessings, too. I just need to keep my eyes - and my heart - open to Him.

To see my photo essay illustrating the 23rd Psalm, just head over to my Lovely Branches Ministries Food for Thought September blog post.

Here's just a teaser ...

He leads me beside the still waters.
3 He restores my soul.

Hoping you find peace today even in life's storms ...

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