Monday, October 3, 2011

Buy Buy Baby

(Jill - once a shopper, always a shopper!)

When I first heard the name, Buy Buy Baby, I was thinking Bye Bye Baby. You know, I pictured a cute little baby girl waving bye-bye to her loving grandma.

But when we pulled into the parking lot of the Kansas City store, I discovered it was really BUY BUY Baby. And, after all, there are lots of things to "buy buy" for baby.

These days, young moms and dads register their preferences by waving a "magic wand" at places like Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us. Jill's cousin Paige went with her to Target to navigate the aisles of the baby section. Your own personal Lewis & Clark can help guide your choices in unfamiliar territory. But the "gun" in this case points toward the UPC symbol on bibs and bathtubs and newfangled things like Bumbos and Boppys.

Back 26 years ago, I had my own guide for such matters. The other day, I came across a 3-page typed letter from my sister, Lisa. She captioned it "Lisa's Helpful Hint List."

By the time I was expecting, Lisa was the mother of two and a pro at this adventure we call motherhood. The letter had helpful suggestions for clothing, bedding, diapers, bathing, feeding and more. And to think: She created this list without help of a computer or UPC codes.

In her letter, dated June 10, 1985, she says: "Don't get carried away with getting this before you have a shower. As you can see, getting ready for a baby involves expense - even without a theme!" (A note of explanation: I didn't use a theme for the baby's room. I just used what people gave me.)

Sure, 26 years have passed. There are items on Jill and Eric's "wants" list that hadn't even been invented in 1985. But then and now, the journey is made easier when someone is there to hold your hand - or help you point the UPC gun.

And, one way or another, we'll be ready for a baby - a real one this time.


  1. Wow! That is impressive. Not sure I knew as much as I might have thought I did. Got the old car out from Braden and Neelly yesterday. It has a few miles on it, but was a hit.

  2. I showed it to Lisa and Eric yesterday. I'll have to show you sometime. (See, it does pay to be a packrat at times.)

  3. And I was just thinking about the car. I think it will stay here at Grandma's and Grandpa's, though it might be easier to use on a cement driveway. We'll see.

  4. So many new things that we never used. I love some of it--some of it, I prefer old school! An exciting time!