Friday, October 21, 2011

Linger Longer

Perhaps the heifers were reluctant to leave their summer home. It's often hard to depart from a picturesque view (even if it's a little run down from lack of rain these days).

But our first attempt to gather the heifers from the Peace Creek pasture was unsuccessful. We tried enticing them with a bale of hay.

But they stubbornly refused to cross the reeds, even with the promise of a mid-morning snack.

Maybe they were dreading their upcoming doctor's appointment (even though they don't have the added trauma of stepping on the scales the moment they arrive for their doctor's visit.) We had to postpone their appointment with the veterinarian for the next day.

The heifers' lack of cooperation surely couldn't have been the exceptional help.

That's right: I was promoted to 4-wheeler driver. If only the job promotion came with a pay raise. Jake honked the horn from the tractor.

On the day of the silage harvest, the heifers came across the creek for a peek at the action. Maybe they can remember their way when we try the round-up again next week. Hopefully, the cows haven't spread the word to the inexperienced heifers that the doctor's appointment is one of those kind of doctor visits. You know we ladies drag our feet when it comes to the OB/GYN.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. I had ONE tractor-driving,lesson and ONE 3-wheeler driving lesson! Henceforth, I was permanently excused from both!!

  2. How do those girls always know when it's a vet visit? Hope you get them home.

  3. Good luck! At least you got to drive the four wheeler, now that looks like fun! The closest I came was driving into one but hey it was stopped in the middle of the road, on a dark and rainy morning just past a tree lined bend in the road with nary a soul in sight. THAT was weird!

    Happy Weekend!

  4. @Jane & Andrea - I am probably overly cautious on the 4-wheeler. If the round-up really happens this week, I reminded Randy that I'm not much of a risk taker. If it's between putting myself in danger and having the round-up take a little longer, I choose caution (and life)! @ Teresa - It must be a sixth sense!

  5. Just found your post from Farmchick's blog... so happy to have found another Kansas blogger...on a real farm!

  6. Thanks for visiting, Mary Ann!