Friday, December 9, 2011

Painting Purple

I'm recovering from altitude sickness this morning. OK, not really. But I am tired.

My fatigue is not caused by the trek to the top of the Intrust Bank Arena, though we were within one row of the top. (My face may have been RED by the time we got to the top.)

Nope. It was that double overtime which was past my bedtime (or at least the time that I normally fall asleep in my chair). We were among the 15,004 people who helped to Paint Wichita PURPLE yesterday when our K-State Wildcats played the West Virginia Mountaineers.

I actually think Purple People helped paint Wichita GREEN. We probably weren't the only Wildcat fans who came early and did a little Christmas shopping or ate at a local restaurant before the game.

I just wish I had been tickled PINK by the outcome of the game. I was actually a little BLUE.

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