Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Rose By Any Other Name ...

Am I a Grammy?



My kids called my father-in-law "Poppo" (long 'o') when they were little. I'm not sure how it started, but I know it stuck until they decided they'd outgrown it.

I've never held this important title before. So what does a modern grandmother do? She Googles it, of course. Google has an answer for everything.

And wouldn't you know it: I found a quiz to tell me what kind of Grandma I will likely be. Will I be an Oma or a Nana? Will I be Gram? A Gigi?

Drum roll please. And the test results reveal ...
You're a Grandmother!

You are a traditional, old-fashioned grandmother. You love cooking for your grandchildren and creating traditions with them. Your grandchildren will always feel warm and welcomed. You possess a lot of skills that may soon be forgotten, unless you share them with your grandchildren! Names such as Grandmother, Grandma, Grannie, Grammy and Nanny are good choices for you.

I'm sure my children are super surprised that I'm old-fashioned. (Wink. Wink.)

So ... what do your children call their grandparents? Or, if you have already reached Grandparent Land, what do your grandchildren call you? Did you choose the name? Or did they choose it for you?

I think I'll go by whatever name Smalls chooses. At this point, I'll probably respond even if she just grunts in my general direction.


  1. My grandchildren call me Gramma with a long a at the end Vi Z

  2. I'm Gran to the oldest, and Granma to the rest... Yours is adorable!

  3. She is going to love you! I had to go take the quiz. I'm a Glamma or a Gigi or Mimi. Suppose Coco fits in there, too??

  4. Thanks, ladies, for the input! Can you tell I'm just a little excited to get this little one here, safe and sound?! @ Mrs. E - Yes, I think Coco fits into that list rather well!

  5. Congratulations Kim!! I totally agree with your idea that you will answer to anything.....I do! My Granddaughter hasn't quite got the Grandma, Gramma, Gammy whatever- down yet. She just looks in my direction, and I'm there. Welcome to the World of Grandma-hood. It's a wonderful place to live!! :)

  6. When I wrote this, I didn't know how soon I would become a grandma! I will probably just let Kinley choose my name! I am fairly confident that I'll answer to almost anything at this point!