Monday, December 19, 2011

Shine Through Me

Stafford (KS) First United Methodist Church

Our church sanctuary has a stained glass ceiling. If you walk into the dark sanctuary, you might notice it. But it's not until the lights are on that you truly see the beauty.

I think people are like that, too. Until we have the Light, we can't truly shine.

Scott City United Methodist Church

Today, head on over to the Lovely Branches Ministries blog page and check out my December Food for Thought post. And, while you're there, check out my friend Theresa's story about a modern-day Christmas miracle, as well as read the other bloggers' offerings on the theme, "Shine."

St. Teresa's Catholic Church, Hutchinson, KS

Remember the Reason for the season.

We read those words on church signs. We pass them along on Facebook. But do we live it? On this Monday before Christmas, when the list is still long and the calendar days grow short, let them be more than words.

At Jill & Eric's church yesterday, a soloist sang this James Taylor song, "Some Children See Him." It was a beautiful reminder ...

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