Portrait in Ice

Portrait in Ice
January 2017

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photo Finish

When I got married back in 1981, there wasn't much "outside-of-the-box" thinking when it came to the wedding photos. I had a wonderful photographer who was among the most innovative of the time. But, for the most part, they were the traditional photos of the day - the family and the bridal party in the confines of the church.
Photos by Stan Reimer.  As I look at my family's photo, I am most struck by the fact that Abby's & Derek's version includes 15.5 more people. We are a little more crowded at the altar rail these days!
Digital photography has certainly changed the face of wedding photography. Now brides and grooms traipse from hither to yon and back again.  They have hundreds of images (maybe even a thousand) to choose from. Sure, they have the traditional family and bridal party shots in the church sanctuary. But they also have more creative venues to capture their personalities.

On Saturday, after their traditional church photos, Abby and Derek went to Clay Center's Courthouse Square. I didn't follow (even though I really wanted to). But I couldn't resist a few as the wedding party walked away from me and back again.
Yes, Derek's eyes are shut. If I were a real photographer, I could correct that. Alas, I am only an amateur with no Photoshop.
It's not everyday that shoppers loading their groceries in the car at Kiers Thriftway are treated to guys in tuxes and women in strapless black gowns.

Even a candlelighter with a bum knee didn't miss out on the fun with a little help from her fellow acolyte.
Some of my favorite shots from Jill's and Eric's wedding were the less traditional ones, though I certainly wanted the family photos at the altar rail, too.
Photos by Gina Dreher, Gingerroot Studios, Wichita
Formal or informal ... candid or posed: I love how photos transport us to a different time or place and surround us with memories. I can't wait to see Abby's and Derek's 2012 digital album!


  1. I SO agree! I really enjoy reading your blog, and seeing your photos.

    1. Thanks Jerri! I appreciate your taking time to let me know!!

  2. Great pics of Abby and Derek. And I loved seeing your wedding pictures too. Good to see you at the wedding.
    Sara B.

    1. Thanks Sara! Good to see you, too!