Monday, June 18, 2012

The Sower

Cone flower in Jeanie's garden

I must admit a bit of envy. Envy is never good, but it seems even more a sacrilege on Sunday afternoon after hearing God's Word at church.

But admit it, I must. 

I don't suppose the Stafford County Historical Society was aiming for envy during their fundraiser garden tour yesterday. I came up with that little side trip all on my own. I'm guessing they were striving towards inspiration and other virtuous attributes.

And, ironically, it was the Parable of the Sower that Pastor Jeff preached on at church yesterday morning and our Sunday School class pondered afterwards.

I looked at the beautiful gardens, painstakingly tended by my friends and neighbors. And I thought about how my yard pales in comparison. Our lawn is more weeds than grass. My two little containers of annuals and the smattering of tulips and hyacinths that bloomed earlier this year can't compare to Jeanie's cottage garden or Ruth's tranquil space outside her back door. These gardeners definitely have found their "good earth."
Jeanie's Cottage Garden
I want the look without the work. Isn't that the story of life?

As Randy and I drove home, we passed by a field of alfalfa in full bloom. The green of the alfalfa after more than 2.75 inches of rain was vibrant against a cloud-strewn, cerulean blue sky. The purple blooms were fragrant as we stopped to "tour" our garden only a half mile south of our house.

And I found that I could again discover beauty in my own "backyard." I am not a gardener. But, thankfully, the Creator is.

(More photos from the garden tour to come in another post. And, honestly, probably more alfalfa photos to come in future posts, too!)

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  1. "I want the look without the work." What a great line. I have been there so many times. Glad I visited your blog today! Found you via Hear it on Sunday, use it on Monday.