Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Best Medicine

Can you believe Kathy still had geraniums in bloom on November 25?
Some wise person once said that laughter is the best medicine. On Sunday, our "medicine" came in the form of a 20-pound, 11-month old little girl. Randy's sister, Kathy, and family invited us to our "traditional" Mexican Thanksgiving on Sunday after church.

So, instead of having too much time to think at home on the day before Randy's surgery, we were entertained with a certain short someone. Of course, it was good to see the other people, too.
Miss Kinley probably thought she was just playing with the big girls.
Amanda, Kinley & Emily
But just as assuredly and systematically as she emptied the plastic tubs of toys, Kinley was emptying our minds of some of the anxiousness that inevitably creeps in before a major medical procedure.
Like she covered her face for endless games of peekaboo, she helped cover up busy minds and replace it with laughter.
Indeed, laughter was pretty powerful medicine. It's not bad for the annual photo Christmas card either.
Sorry Jill and Brent. You've gotten replaced with someone shorter.


  1. I tried to reply about our Somewhere Under the Rainbow stewardship campaign, but for some reason couldn't get the links to work. You can access some of the info by going to Click on either Jones Rd or Fry Rd campus, then a button will appear for the campaign. If you want more info, I'm sure we'll be in Stafford to visit Mom & at church sometime in the next few months.

  2. Thanks! I appreciate it and will look it up!