Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Magic of Winter

Sunrise through a snowy fence - December 20, 2012
The magic of winter is coming
No matter how tight we hold onto fall

With each passing day

Autumn drifts further away

And in its place is winter's embrace

Lighting the path

to snowmen and sleighs

And sweet candy canes

Bags full of toys

And songs full of joy

To brighten both hearth and home.

The anonymous poem was posted on Facebook a few days ago. The illustrations are mine. For so little snow overnight, the wind certainly made for big drifts. Miraculously, some even stayed on the fields, despite blustery winds. We are thankful for any moisture we get!


  1. Pretty snow pictures. We are only getting lots of rain here :(

    1. Thanks! We probably got between 1-2 inches. It's always amazing to me how much the snow can pile up along the ditches with the wind howling - even when there's not all that much to work with. I'm glad to get it early and not on Christmas, since I have family traveling! Merry Christmas to you and yours!