Monday, December 31, 2012

Who's On First? Or Second?

The ornament we gave Kinley says it was her first Christmas.
Her shirt said it was her first Christmas.
But this was technically Kinley's second "Christmas" with us. She was the best party crasher of all time.

Kinley was supposed to arrive in January 2012. Instead, she arrived on December 30, 2011. She crashed our little family Christmas that was supposed to happen that evening. Instead, we opened our family presents on January 1, the day she came home from the hospital. (Yes, she already had presents under the tree and plenty of "stuff" in her stocking without Grandma having to do a bit of last-minute shopping.)
Her stocking originally had a sonogram photo. By the time she opened her stocking last year, we had already substituted a photo with pink Powercat stocking hat.
It's amazing to see how much she has changed during the past year. She's definitely bigger than her stocking now.

She is walking ...
... and "talking" (now if we just knew what she was saying)  ...
... and discovering new things every day - such as liking stuffed Santas much better than the mall version.
So, whether this year was her first or second Christmas with us, we're sure glad she arrived.

She's a gift and a blessing.


  1. She is indeed! Such a cutie! And I was thinking the same thing you are. I was thinking maybe 2013 would be a year to meet you and some Clay Center bloggers (who I think you know!)--perhaps at the Tasty Pastry. (You are familiar with that little gem?!!) Happy New Year, Kim!

    1. Sounds good to me, Mrs. E. I'll look forward to it!

  2. Happy New Year Kim! I hope you have a wonderful year.

    I rembered Kinley's birthday was coming up late December. Walking ... she must be like her Grandma ... a real goer! It will be fun to watch the magic of Christmas in her young eyes and celebrate birthdays.

    J's Sister's son turned 1 the beginning of November he is a crawler. J's Brother's son turned 1 on the 27th, he crawls a little, but boy can he walk!

  3. Ladies always enjoy shaving a few years off their ages, don't they? Mother subtracted a year from her age for so long that she had all of us convinced...until she had to admit the truth when she was ready to start Social Security checks! Kinley is off to a great start with staying 39 a bit longer when she grows up!