Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Birthday Girl

What a difference a year makes! On Sunday, December 30, we celebrated Kinley Marie Ladd's first birthday.

The monthly photo is getting more challenging as the calendar pages turn. We had several outtakes before getting a Mommy-approved photo to celebrate 12 whole months of life being blessed by our Little Miss.
Gone are the days when she was the size of a baby doll and slept her day away. 
January 1, 2012
Now this girl is on the move ... whether in a new wagon ...
With her 11-month-old cousin Hannah (left) in Kinley's new wagon from Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Moore.
... or walking to unload the cabinets or the pantry.
The camera shutters were flying in an effort to capture Kinley with family photos before she took off to the next thing that caught her eye.
Jill, Kinley & Eric with my parents, Bob & Janis Moore
Eric's parents, Christy & Alan Ladd & Kinley's Great Grandparents, Floyd & Bonnie Ladd with cousin Hannah.
She did manage to sit still long enough for a portrait with Mommy and Daddy before the big rendition of Happy Birthday.
Kinley was more interested in pulling the candy dots off her cake than in digging into what new parents are calling the Smash Cake. She was much more neat and tidy than that. (Mommy made the cake and the cupcakes herself. Look for the recipes in an upcoming blog.)
It was a great day with a bunch of people who love Kinley and the joy she brings to all our lives. Happy Birthday, Miss Kinley! We can't wait to be part of this next year of life!


  1. She is adorable. And her active style sounds about right! I am lucky to get a photo that has the Lady Bug's face in it! Those pics of her with the 12 month slate crack me up. Happy 1st Ms. Kinley!

    1. We tried some photos on Saturday and then tried again on Sunday. We had a bunch of outtakes. Her Aunt Jillian is a pretty good cheerleader to get the smiles going.

  2. Pictures can be a challenge especially when big sister wants to get in the act! For some reason, Reagan wanted to keep watching Rylee! I never saw so many grownups trying to make a little girl smile! Jewelry is a short lived thing - she would rather chew on them! About the time you give up on a shot, the perfect one appears -- and you are not ready with the camera! Loved all of Kinleys pictures! It's funny how birthday hats really stand out on mom & dad!!!
    Glad you had a great day! Tami

    1. I really enjoyed seeing Emily's photos of Reagan. As I said on FB, real photographers (as opposed to amateurs like me!) don't get enough credit. We did have a great time, even though Kinley so generously shared her cold with both Grandpa and me. But, it was totally worth it!