Thursday, September 5, 2013

Carbon Copy?

From the cocked elbow holding her purse in place to the tight grip on the baby in her arms. two little blue-eyed girls make the years tumble together.

After the K-State ballgame Friday night, we drove to the Ladd B & B. At 6:45 AM Saturday, I opened the door to Kinley's room and she was standing at the end of her crib, quietly waiting for someone to arrive. Surprise! It was Grandma!

We played with baby dolls ...
... just like her Mommy used to. (Even though Jill is older in the photo, I still see the resemblance in their profiles, but there's definitely a little dose of Daddy, too.)
Just like Mommy, Miss Kinley loves shoes. When Jill was little, she wore everything from Daddy's work boots to Grandma Marie's high heels.
This Grandma doesn't do high heels. But Grandma Marie loved them. Is it any surprise that Kinley Marie does, too? (I finally gave up trying to find a photo of Jill tottering in Marie's heels.)

This Grandma may not like high heels, but I definitely love books. So we read book after book, including the new one that Uncle Brent sent about Beaker, the Morehead State University mascot.
Back when Jill and Brent were little, books on tape were high-tech. It seems almost prehistoric these days, since 20-month-old Kinley is quite capable of operating Mommy's Ipad. But she still loves crawling up on Grandma's lap and opening an old-fashioned bound book, too.
After a hot night at Bill Snyder Family Stadium, a late night arrival in Topeka and this go-go-going girl, this Grandma was ready for naptime, too!

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