Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Kinley K-Stater: A First-Person Report

Hello, all! It's Kinley with a report from my first K-State football game of the 2013 season.

We had to park a long way from Bill Snyder Family Stadium. The parking lot reminded me of Grandpa's pasture, even though there were no cows. Thankfully, my Mommy and Daddy didn't make me walk the whole way. But once we got to the parking lot, I gave them a break. 

I kept getting distracted by all the kids playing football. Hey, guys! Don't you know that there's going to be a game inside the stadium?

We got there just in time for the pregame show. My family knows all the words to the K-State Fight Song and the Alma Mater. I'm still working on them. Itsy Bitsy Spider, anyone?

Then it was time for Willie the Wildcat to lead the football players onto the field.

They came down to the south end zone where I was sitting. Everybody seemed really excited to see them.
Then I saw one guy carrying a flag with a K on it. Was it for me, Kinley? My Mommy said it was for K-State, but I think maybe they were welcoming me to Bill Snyder Family Stadium.
My Grandma wanted to take my picture. She is always wanting to take my picture. Not now, Grandma! I'm watching the game!
Photo: No photo now, Grandma! I'm watching the game!
While those boys were out there running around, I got a little hungry. Shhhh! We weren't supposed to bring in cereal. Maybe they thought the people around me would be jealous. I would have shared. If only they would have shared their purple popcorn with me. Mommy said I couldn't have any this time. (Something about a choking hazard. I wouldn't want that!)

And here's another "Shhhh!!!" Don't tell my Uncle Brent that I was too busy drinking water to join everybody in saying, "Good for a K-State TOUCHDOWN!" He would be SO disappointed. (But he knows I can do it. I've showed him on Skype.) And even though I missed it that time, I did it when the Wildcats scored another touchdown. Really, Uncle Brent!

I liked finding all the Wildcats at the stadium. There was one on my chairback. Mommy had a Powercat on her shirt. So did Grandma. And I had one, too. Poor Daddy. His shirt was defective. It didn't have a Powercat. It was the right color, though. I got an A+ on colors at daycare last week, so I know all about purple. There sure was a lot of it at that ballgame!
As exciting as the game was, I probably liked the halftime show the best. It was Band Day, so the football field was full of kids playing their instruments. Every time they would quit playing, I would tell them, "More! More!"

I was sorry that Grandpa Fritzemeier had to stay home and cut corn, but I used his seat. Thanks Grandpa!
Last year, Grandpa taught me about "Good for a Wildcat FIRST DOWN!" So I knew what to do this year.
September 2012
I think I've grown quite a bit since then.

Grandma Fritzemeier and I cheered the Wildcats on to victory. We beat the University of Massachusetts 37-7! Good job, Wildcats!
I also got to see Grandma Christy and Grandpa Alan at the game. It may be Bill Snyder's family stadium, but I have a lot of family there, too.  It was so crowded that I didn't get to see them all. Maybe next time!

Until then, this has been your Wildcat sideline reporter, Kinley Marie.
Photo: A Stafford PLAY shirt is modeled by a cute Topeka girl.

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