Monday, April 21, 2014

It's A Girl!

Kinley is getting a little sister!
After their sonogram on Friday, Jill made a checkerboard cake for the big reveal on Saturday with the Grandmas, Grandpas and siblings. She had done something similar when they announced their first pregnancy, but, at that time, the cake was pink and blue, since they didn't know what they were having.

Uncle Brent just may have been pumping Kinley for information before the big moment.

"Are you having a brother or a sister?"

"A sister," she'd say.

"Are you having a sister or a brother?"

"A brudder," she'd say.

Jill then informed us that she would repeat whichever was the last option she heard. So much for any help from the Big Sister.

For the meal, each guest chose a pink or blue plate so we could tally the guesses. There were more pink plates than blue. (None of us figured it was a puppy.)

I can give Kinley lots of advice about being a big sister, since I'm the oldest in my family, too. I was 15 months old when I became a big sister to a little sister, Lisa. (I had just turned 4 when my second sister, Darci, was born, and 9 1/2 when my brother, Kent was born.)
I just hope Kinley and her little sister will get along as well as she and her cousin, Hannah, who is a month younger.
Though they had a squabble or two, most of the time, they were best buddies during a day of gender revealing, Easter fun and lots of giggles.
Photos by Jillian Ladd
We're looking forward to September to meet the newest granddaughter!


  1. Awwww... congratulations! So happy for all!

    1. Thanks, Mrs. E! This grandparenting job has lots of fringe benefits, as you know!

    2. Congratulations! I know how anxious you are to meet this new little girl. We will find out next week whether we are getting another boy or a girl. Our oldest grandson has announced that he would really prefer a sister since he already has a brother.

    3. It's so exciting to move closer to meeting these newest members of the family, isn't it?! We'll see next week if he gets his wish. Let me know your news!

  2. Sounds like you had all kinds of fun over Easter weekend, Kim.

    J's Sister and her family came to the ranch for Easter. Her little girl is 6 weeks old; what a little doll. Brother turned 2 the beginning of November and loves tractor rides.

    There was lots of excitement around this place.

    1. Sounds like you had a great weekend, too!