Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dust in the Wind

Randy would want me to say this isn't our field. However, everyone is having trouble holding onto their real estate this week.
It makes sense that a band named Kansas would record a song called "Dust in the Wind." It was likely part of their DNA.

The last few days that old Kansas song has been rattling around in my head - at least in the areas that aren't stuffed full of drainage after unrelenting days of misery for farmers and allergy sufferers alike.

"Dust in the wind
"All we are is dust in the wind.
"Dust in the wind.
"Everything is dust in the wind."
No kidding.

On Monday, Kansas Wheat posted this satellite image to its Facebook page.
This was the visible satellite photo from Sunday afternoon. The grey/brown clouds in the west are blowing dust. They extend from Central/Western Kansas down through west Oklahoma and Texas. This is not one of those urban (or rural) legends invented for the internet. I was driving through it as I returned home from giving a program in Macksville. Ironically, my program focused on finding God's blessings in mundane, everyday life. I must admit that it was a little tough as I watched topsoil blowing across the county and held on tight to the steering wheel as I bucked 60 MPH wind gusts.
But then I watch the coverage of the tornadoes as they marched across half the country and I am grateful to be spared that devastation and loss of life.
 I guess we need to find our silver linings - even in sunsets obscured in clouds of dust.
We had planned to move cattle back to the Ninnescah pasture on Monday morning. It was too windy. Cattle (and people) get a bit riled up with the wind howling. 

We postponed until Tuesday morning.  Again, no go!

On Wednesday morning, we started at 7:15 to try and get the bulk of the work done before the wind was quite as ferocious. Our early start time will be repeated again today. The 32 on the thermometer will feel a little brisk on the 4-wheeler this morning. Wish us luck! And even more, pray for rain.


  1. Kim,
    I understand your wind issues. Wind is just not fun. Dirty windy days always make me thankful I was not here to see the Dirty 30's. The last few days the wind has just roared like thunder around here. When J and I did the before dark cow check last night the wind had went down a lot and this morning is breezy.

    Dress warm; 4-wheeler rides on a breezy 30+ degree morning are brisk. I have my layers on, but decided I could tough it out and didn't put my long johns on this morn.

    Prayers of rain for you and have a wonderful weekend.

    1. We sometimes resembled the Keystone Kops this morning, but we finally got it accomplished. I had on several layers. I discarded one as we were sorting and my coat got "baptized" with a lovely deposit. I was getting warm anyway, I guess! It was breezy, but it wasn't as bad as earlier in the week. Thanks for the prayers, and you have a good weekend, too!