Friday, January 8, 2016

Some Assembly Required

Some assembly required: Those words are often emblazoned on children's toy boxes at Christmastime, creating fear and dread in the hearts and minds of parents and grandparents everywhere.

One of our Christmas "gifts" arrived that way, too: There is some assembly required on our new 20 foot- by 20-foot calving shed.
The delivery guy pulled into the yard at 7:20 AM. He'd made the trip from suburban Kansas City and had battled some fog, too. Considering we'd been told it wouldn't arrive until noon, we were surprised. (It came on New Year's Eve. We figure he had plans later in the day.)
 But Randy wasn't about to turn down an early delivery, after a postponement earlier. 
Once the trucker removed the tie-downs, the materials were supposed to slide down the tilted truck bed. However, with some snow and ice, he had to help it along by dislodging them with a pry bar.
There was a loud POP when an airbag on a brake exploded, but, other than that, the Tinkertoy-maze of parts arrived and are ready for assembly.
Thankfully, we're not the ones that have to insert Part A in Part C. The professionals will handle it.
They even spelled our name right (which never happens with these things)!
Here's a view of the old with the new. It may not look like much in this form, but it should be ready to go when our heifers are ready to calve later this month!


  1. How exciting to see it arrive like that. It will be interesting to watch the building progress... very quickly I would think.

    1. Actually, it took four guys less than one day to put it up. I'll have a blog post about it this week.