Monday, August 15, 2016

A "Gem" of a Crop

We have been growing pearls on 21 acres this summer.
Oh wait! We've been growing pearl millet. I guess I won't call the jeweler after all.
But we will be calling the cows to dine on this supplemental feed this coming winter. Pearl millet is a fast-growing feed. It does well on sandier soils.
Last week, Randy swathed the pearl millet and left it to dry down. Because it makes thicker windrows, it takes longer for it to be ready to bale.

Even though I thought the cat-tail looking heads were pretty, Randy says there isn't a lot of nutrient value there. It will mostly be used for roughage for our mama cows.
Pearl millet is low in prussic acid, which can cause poisoning in feed.
One other advantage of the pearl millet is that it will grow back. So we'll be able to feed the baled millet. And we'll also be able to put up electric fence around the field and use it to graze cattle this fall.
 We also left some standing. It, too, will be grazed this fall.

So, it really is a "gem" of a crop.


Note: I may be fired as reporter for this particular crop endeavor. Randy baled it on Friday, but I didn't think about going to take a photo. Then Cierra picked it up that afternoon. I missed that photo op, too.
It's now at the end of the field, ready to be fed to the cattle this winter.
So all's well that "ends" well. (Farm pun alert!)


  1. Nah you are not going to get fired. Your blog posts are way to interesting for that.

    Great to see that you have had good weather to get you millet all baled up. It is looking good!

    1. Thanks, Lynda. Randy is always glad to get another task crossed off.

  2. How dare Randy go ahead without the camera shots!
    Just love your 'pearls' and the bales look fantastic. Another job done. I wonder what is next.

    1. He actually told me, but I guess it didn't register at the time. The guys are going over wheat ground again, so that's on the agenda for them this week.

      I am working at the local food bank tomorrow. On Thursday, I am taking some treats to school for a back-to-school event. They have asked for Rice Krispie treats that look like Legos. We'll see whether or not I can make them look like the photo - ha!