Thursday, August 11, 2016

Music & More

On a typical Tuesday summer evening, there may be music on the County Line. But the music will likely be on the tractor radio as Randy makes another round in the field.

There may be flowers. But they will be the wildflowers along the ditches or in the pastures as I take another meal to the field.
But this Tuesday, we had "high class" music and flowers. Randy had a Kansas Wheat meeting in Wichita on Tuesday and Wednesday. After his first day of meetings, we went to Botanica's Tuesday on the Terrace.
We weren't the only ones there for music and flowers. Besides all the people sitting around and listening to the band, Tim Jonas & the Whiskey Militia, we saw a photographer taking senior portraits of a girl.

We took "senior" portraits, too. (It depends on the definition of senior citizens. The guy I was with will qualify sooner than I will.)
We sat and listened to the band for an hour. But then I wanted to wander the gardens during the second hour of the event.
With the shady venue, I may have waited too long to get optimal photos. But, then again, there were some golden moments during the golden hour after all.
The colors of this delicate flower could mimic the sunset, though the shade trees kept most of the evening sky hidden from view in the gardens.
But the golden rays from the setting sun did tinge several scenes with diffused light.

This pioneer woman seemed to be gathering flowers in her basket before dark.
Even as the sun went down, it was hot and humid. FYI: The flowers wilted less than we did.


  1. Wonderful that the 'almost senior citizens' found time time to relax together.
    When in Portland, a young lad helping us with our train ticket asked if we were 'Honoured Citizens'. We assumed that it was the American terminology and were greatly impressed.
    I think your 'delicate flower' is lantana and although lovely to look at, it is a noxious weed in Australia. It sends out runners and is impossible to contain. A farmer's nightmare.

    1. We had a good time, though it was really hot and humid. It took awhile to cool off. But it was nice to do something out of the ordinary.

      I haven't seen lantana growing here wild. I guess it's not as delicate as it looks! I thought it was interesting because of the different colors on the same flower.

  2. What a fun adventure, Kim. I never tire of looking at gorgeous flowers or photographing them.

    1. Me either! Visiting Botanica is always different. They do plantings throughout the year, so it always seems to be a new visual experience. When we were there this spring, that whole area around the fountain was planted to tulips.