Monday, August 22, 2016

I'm As Corny as Kansas in August

Walking through the corn these days is starting to sound like you're shaking cornflakes from the cardboard cereal box into a bowl.

Our 2016 corn crop is beginning to dry down. There's still plenty of green, but it's losing its lush, verdant color as it transitions toward harvest.
A corn field nearing harvest looks like it needs an airbrush before a beauty shot. In contrast, I think a wheat field looks pretty from start to finish. Well, except if it gets hailed on or a combine is stuck in the field. OK, I guess there are exceptions to every generalization. But, by the time the corn crop is ready to combine, those dried out leaves and husks just don't look at appealing from afar.
However, all those yellow kernels hiding inside the husks make up for it!
On Friday, Randy picked several ears from the field and hand-shucked them into a bucket.
He was curious about the moisture level.
Our tester showed that it was still 25.4 moisture. It needs to be 16 or lower to cut for hauling to the local co-op.
Harvest of our dryland corn crop is likely a couple of weeks away, depending on the weather.

For a look back at the highlights of the 2016 corn crop, click on this link.


  1. Golden yellow corn close to harvest does this Nebraska girl's heart good. Hope conditions continue to be favorable for a great harvest.

    1. Thanks, Robyn. The feedlot is taking high-moisture corn. Randy is thinking about it. We'll see what happens.