Thursday, December 28, 2017

Reboot: Christmas Photo Imperfection

Photo by Lisa Bauer
Tradition dictates that we attempt to take my Mom's Christmas Eve birthday photo with all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Taking photos of nine children - ages 7 and younger - is not for amateurs, though we tried it anyway. We're just lucky everyone was looking relatively acceptable in a frame or two.

My sister, Lisa, got the best version (the photo at the top of this post).
 In reality, it was more like this ....
... or this ...
 ... or this.

Next year, we'll add another face to the great-grandchild photo - a great-grandson who is to be born in February 2018. I'm guessing the photo results aren't going to get too much better for the foreseeable future.
The grandchildren shot is easier these days. It hasn't always been that way though. The grandchildren have been taking the annual photo for years, 
From left: Abby, Brian, Blake, Mom holding Madison, Jill, Brent & Paige
They've improved since the first version with all seven of them back in 1994. They ought to be experts by now.
If I'm honest, photographing just two of them isn't a piece of cake either.

Maybe just one at a time is the way to go!

Or maybe I should stick to cat photography. Target didn't even move when he got crowned by Brooke.
But Christmas isn't about perfection (though this Type A first-born can't ever quite figure that out during all the preparation).
It's about genuine smiles ...

... family,. love ...

... and a whole lot of moving parts AND moving kids.

Our annual Christmas Eve birthday photo shoot isn't going to make it onto a photo website, showing the "how-to" to create the perfect holiday image. It's not about photography's Rule of 1/3s or perfect lighting. It's about family - all the imperfections and all the chaos.

There was definitely chaos. But, boy, did they have fun!
And so did the birthday girl.


  1. How very, very special. Happy birthday to your Mum. I love her cake. Such happy times.

    1. The kids loved the cake, too! They each got a cookie or candy decoration.