Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Exploring with Kinley and Brooke: Kansas Staycation

A new school year was about to commence
So a short trip to Wichita made perfect sense.
Kinley was counting the days 'til first grade.
So it was high time more memories were made!

Brooke would soon move to a new school as well.
So some time with the family would really be swell.
Grandma and Grandpa and Mommy went, too.
There'd surely be plenty of fun things to do!
Across a big bridge, our group took a walk.
To this big statue, the people do flock. 
Keeper of the Plains rises up in the sky
Its hands lifting upward. It surely is high!
Photo from Kansas Travel
Learning doesn't only take place at a school
Visiting a museum is always real cool.
We'd spend a few hours at Exploration Place
It was a science-filled, adventurous space!
One of the rooms featured some sharks
Those big, ugly teeth would surely leave marks!
Thankfully, these teeth were no longer attached.
Their power and size left human's unmatched.
Swimming with sharks is not in our plan
Even though Grandpa may think that he can!
Into a cage, we'll leave experts to dive
We'd rather keep Grandpa Randy alive!
Next we searched high and then we searched low
Looking for shark's teeth, it was a slow go.
We dug through the box. 
We looked left and right.
For these shark teeth weren't big. 
They were really quite slight
The museum lady helped us to look
Sharp eyes and some patience is all that it took.
We put all our finds in a pile to our right.
And then went on looking again with the light.
A puzzle with shark parts was next on our list.
Playing with puzzles? We couldn't resist!
It seemed that the sharks were out for a swim
Keep your hands in the "boat!" A bite would be grim!
Kinley and Brooke gave the screens a long look
While standing around in the oceany nook.
There were tons of facts for two girls to learn
Punching the buttons, they each took a turn.
Then they took crayons and started to trace
It's great to spend time in a really fun place!
Over our shoulders was danger. Oh no!
We'd better get moving. We'd better go!
The girls went on to a place "Where Kids Rule"
A castle? Some horses? It was really quite cool.
A puppet playhouse was a place for Miss Brooke
She really did like that play-acting nook!
Though she wasn't in trouble, Kinley still posed.
We sent Daddy a picture: Do you think he supposed
That Kinley deserved her time in the rack?
No, I think he would want his biggest girl back!
Aviation was also a theme of the day
Into an airplane, the girls went to play.
Paper plane building requires some skills
Folding the paper? It gave us some thrills!
Launching an airplane into the sky.
We hoped it would soar. We hoped it flew high!
Then we examined the life lived by bees.
A magnifying glass made that a breeze.
Brooke thought getting close with her eyes
Would help her learn all of the hows and the whys.
Water provided some ebbs and some flows
With some channels and dikes, the water it slows.
Playing with water for Grandpa and girls.
Left behind rivers and eddys and swirls.
Stafford County was on one display
It made Grandpa happy. That made his day!
In our state of Kansas, water plays a big role
Conserving the aquifer is part of the goal.
Tornadoes are also a part of our state
Really, they are a part that we hate!
We spent some time in a tube with the wind
Eyes squinted, hair blowing, we had to contend.
While Kinley held onto the hair on her head
Brooke leapt with glee while the wind waled and sped!
Kansas in Miniature Photos from the Exploration Place website
Another display showed some really small places
Kansas in Miniature lit up our faces.
Scenes from the '50s provided the theme.
A train glided past and we started to dream
Of living and working in such tiny space.
Oh, it was a beautiful, magical place!

Our time at the museum had come to an end
What an adventurous day we did spend!
Til' next time, when the grands we will meet
Time with our family? It surely is sweet!

Note: Our trip to Exploration Place was August 9, before school started. It takes a little time to edit photos and write in rhyme. It is another installment in my Kansas Staycation posts.


  1. What a fantastic science centre. I hope Brooke and Kinley both have a wonderful year at school.

    1. They are off to a good start. We were only there a few hours. There's even more to do there, so we hope to return in the future.

  2. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.