Thursday, December 27, 2018

A Christmas Miracle

It was like a Christmas miracle. We added another person to the annual Christmas Eve photo ... and it was actually easier. Maybe it's the fact that the other ones were another year older.

Whatever it was, we'll take the victory. It's not easy getting 10 kids ages 8 and younger to look in the same direction at the same time.

Here's proof from last year:
My parents now have 10 great-grandchildren after another was added in February 2018.
All but the very youngest enthusiastically sang "Happy Birthday" to my Mom, who is a Christmas Eve baby.
Since the grandchildren were little, we've been taking a photo of the birthday girl with the troops.The first one with all seven of them was in 1994.
From left: Abby, Brian, Blake, Mom holding Madison, Jill, Brent & Paige
The grandchildren shot is easier these days.
They ought to be experts by now. My dad got in on the picture this year, too.
We four kids also had a photo taken with them. But I'm my family's photographer, and none of my family took photos. There were plenty of paparazzi at this family photo shoot, so I'm sure I could ask for one.
That's OK. I'd rather be behind the view finder anyway.

And, speaking of traditions, photo Christmas cards are another one for this family. Here's this year's version of the Fritzemeier Christmas card.
We had family photos shot in November. And it's a good thing .. because of that aforementioned aversion to having my photo taken. (Below are the other photos I used on the back of the card.)
Photo credit - Jill Grogg, Manhattan
Demiurge Photography, Manhattan (From Jill & Eric's family session.)
Photo by Jill Grogg, Manhattan
I've been involved in Christmas photo cards for my whole life. It's a family tradition. I starred in my very first one in 1957, as a 6-month-old baby.

The first one with both Jill and Brent was in 1988. Brent would have been about 7 months and Jill was 3.

Christmas Card Photo - 1988
Back when Jill and Brent were little, this annual attempt was captured on film. And you weren't sure what you'd gotten until the film was developed. I have rolls and rolls of film chronicling the misadventures of getting two little kids to look their best in the same frame. The move to digital photography makes the storage problem easier - though it can't help everyone look great in every frame.
My brother took this photo of the whole crew (minus himself) as we gathered for the birthday/Christmas Eve meal. There were 31 of us.

Tradition is a good thing. 


  1. I love the traditional family pictures...I had to chuckle at last year's picture you posted of the great grandkids. There's always a reason to smile amidst the chaos! :) They sure did great this year! We watched old movies with Jim's family from 20 years ago, when the oldest grandkids were babies, and we had so many laughs!

    1. Until I looked for last year's photos, I didn't realize how much difference a year made in getting the photo. It definitely made me laugh. I saw your cousin photo with the grandparents, so it appears we're not the only ones with that tradition. It's fun to see the changes from year to year. I hope you had a wonderful holiday with tons of fun and memories!

    2. Thanks...we did have fun! My sisters who live out of state were all here, and we enjoyed being together. My parents are beginning to really show their age, and we are thankful for every time that we can all be together!

  2. Such a special post Kim. I am all for traditions. Sadly with our family scattered these gatherings are few and far between. Thank goodness for the internet and the ability to connect visually if not physically.
    I just love your family gathering pic and your Christmas card shots.
    Every best wish that 2019 brings you perfect farming weather and a year that is as stress free as possible. Happy New year.