Small Town Christmas

Small Town Christmas

Friday, June 7, 2013

Herding Cats by Kinley Marie

Herding Cats
By Kinley Marie

Meet my friend, Smoky. He is one of my Grandpa's kitties. I suppose he's my Grandma's kitty, too, but let's face it: Grandpa is the one who thinks Smoky is the cat's meow.

And speaking of meows, I got lots of practice with my meows when I visited the farm last weekend. I'll have you know that I was already advanced in animal sounds. I had my Mommy call Grandma a couple of weeks ago to tell her that I was the very first one in my daycare class to know what a cow says. Well, of course! I saw the cows and baby calves at Grandma's and Grandpa's the last time I was there. The cows must not have realized I was coming back to visit. They had gone on their summer vacation to the pasture. I know they wouldn't have wanted to miss me.

Anyway, Grandma says I'm a regular Dr. Doolittle and can talk to the animals. I don't know who this Doctor Doolittle is, but Grandma says it's an old movie where a guy talks to the animals. All I know is that I impressed my friends with my life-like meows when I went back to daycare this week.
It did take me just a little bit to warm up to the kitties. I wasn't so sure I liked them crawling on me, so I had to have Mommy protect me.

I helped Grandpa feed them every morning.
 Smoky was so silly when he got in the dish with the food.

Just before we left to go back home, I got a great idea. I decided the mama cat needed a beautiful necklace.
My Daddy was packing the car, and I found this old toy from my baby days. It looked like the perfect summer accessory to spruce up a mama cat's day. I don't know why the kitties hid. But, let's face it, sometimes I wanted to hide from them, too.

Grandma says following a toddler is kind of like herding cats. That must mean it's a whole lot of fun.
Until next time,

Grandma tried to do a video of me with the kitties. You'll have to turn your head sideways to watch it. I guess she needs more practice. I know all about that.

dscn5166 from Kim Fritzemeier on Vimeo.


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