Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Kinley and Hannah didn't get the most eggs at the Susannah Wesley United Methodist Church Easter event and egg hunt. But I'll bet they won the prize for most paparazzi and cheerleaders. Besides their Mommies and Daddies, they had three sets of grandparents and an uncle at the event. Let's just say the cameras and iPhones were clicking away.

On Saturday, the cousins went to the Easter celebration at Jill's and Eric's church. It began with stickers, coloring, games and "fishing" for prizes.
Then, it was time for the egg hunt.  The children were told they could collect 19 eggs each, which seemed to be a generous amount to me. Kinley left with 4. Hannah gathered 2. They were much more enthralled with the church playground. That seemed OK with the parents, who were already contemplating how to ration the candy. (Maybe the Dads were hoping for more so that they could "borrow" some.)
After the gender reveal and naptime for two girls, it was Round 2 for Easter egg hunting. Again, the slide provided a distraction, but they did manage to find all the eggs - eventually - with plenty of encouragement.
We took the girls on a field trip to Orschlen's to check out the baby chicks and the bunnies. We did not purchase either item.
The Sunday morning service at Susannah Wesley was packed with music, which Kinley and this Grandma loved. It was also fun to see Kinley go to children's sermon by herself and get a prime spot right by Pastor Maria.
After church, it was time to take photos in Kinley's Easter finery.
They were usually action shots!
She is one busy girl!
The Kansas wind turned out to provide more than just a method for messing up Easter hairdos. It also propelled a pinwheel from Kinley's Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa.
We also got her a couple of Llama Llama books. (It's one of her favorite characters.) Mommy helped her add some Minnie Mouse bling to her wardrobe.
Mommy's and Daddy's basket also had the movie, Frozen. (Eric wondered whether it was a gift more for Jill or for Kinley). But I hear it was a hit with the short girl at their house. Grandma wishes she'd been there to see it and relish the soundtrack with my little music maven. Maybe next time! It was a great weekend - even without an afternoon movie matinee!

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