Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feeling all warm & fuzzy

What four-letter word can make you feel all warm and fuzzy?? Give up? It's FREE! And is there anything a farmer likes better than free stuff? Randy has quite a rainbow of ball caps crowding the clothestree on the back porch. He's always always coming home with seed company caps, a pen from the co-op annual meeting, a calendar from the insurance agency or an ice cream scoop from the pickup salesman.

Is it really free, you might ask? Doesn't it normally entail a purchase of seed, a big bill at the implement dealership or the price tag on a new pickup? Still, maybe that "free" gift cushions the blow to the bank account.

Hats aren't usually part of my fashion ensemble, so even though he sometimes comes home with two hats, I usually decline. But this week, he brought me a rose-colored fleece vest.

He's always said that I'm pretty in pink. (See, in the midst of that practical farmer whose gifts tend toward long johns and hand warmers, there's a bit of a romantic in there.) So even if the vest was free and I'm advertising the place where we have our land loans, he did think of me. He could have just picked out a navy blue vest for himself and walked away. But he thought of me.

I was feeling really special - until I went to Bible study this morning and another farm wife had the exact same vest. So we felt special together. Nothing says love like a comfy, fleece FREE vest - especially a pink one!

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  1. Nice vest!! Hope it keeps you warm in all the snow!!