Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh, Baby!

The maternity ward is officially open on the County Line. Our heifers began calving last week. I think we are up to six new arrivals as of this morning. Randy is thankful the new babies avoided the bitterly cold weather earlier this month (though on my trips to the barn in the last two days, I think it's plenty chilly.)

Like an always-open convenience store, the moms are usually available for sustenance, day or night. But for the little girl pictured at the top, Randy is the "mom." She is a twin, and the mother claimed the other calf. So, since Friday, Randy has been bottle feeding her.

We thought she might have a home with a local 4-Her, but the family is waiting for a bull calf. So, morning and night, Randy adds bottle-feeding to his agenda (Yes, I know if I were a really GOOD farm wife, I'd take over that job.)

Like some human babies, it's taken Randy's little charge some time to figure out this whole eating business. But now, once the bottle arrives, she doesn't need much encouragement.

She is housed at the Fritzemeier Farm Suites, and her accommodations include plenty of fresh hay and a place out of the wind. And a little love from the big guy.


  1. Hi Kim! It's Lisa's friend Sara. Lisa gave you a shout out on her blog so I found you. It was fun to read about your new baby.

  2. Thanks, Sara! She is pretty cute.

  3. so cute if they stayed that size i'd want one as a pet!

  4. Sorry, Melissa! They don't stay that size for TOO long. I think it would outgrow your backyard.