Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello from My County Line!

My daughter is doing it. My sister is doing it. Yes, my mother TOLD me not to always follow the leader when "everyone else" is doing something. But I guess I need more ways to waste hours on the Internet. And here it is: Kim's County Line!

It's a big deal to think of a name for a blog. I have always been somewhat challenged in committing to big decisions like this. My sister (who has a blog - Bauer Banter at never shared that difficulty. When we were young 4-Hers searching for fabric for our fair sewing projects, Lisa would go into the store, make a quick circuit of her options, then choose. I, on the other hand, would stand paralyzed - afraid to make the "wrong" decision. That's what first-born perfectionism will do for you!

When I was a fifth grader, my family took a trip to California during Christmas vacation. While shopping at Fisherman's Wharf (I think!), my parents let us choose stationery of our very own. I still remember agonizing over two possibilities. I chose "A whim from Kim." Until that stationery was all used up, I kept second-guessing myself thinking I should have chosen Kim's Comments.

But ... I digress! Why Kim's County Line? First of all, I live on the Stafford/Reno County line in Kansas. (Usually, it means that neither county wants to grade our road, but that's another post, I guess!) This blog will certainly have stories from my life on this country road and as a farm wife.

When considering this name, I looked up "line" in the dictionary. And County Line seemed even more appropriate when I looked at the myriad of definitions:

**A horizontal row of written or printed characters;
**A course of conduct, action or thought;
**A field of activity or interest;
**A succession of musical notes, especially considered in melodic phrases (I do love my music!);
**A glib, often persuasive, way of talking (probably not so much);
**The words making up a part in a drama (there ARE some dramatic moments around here on occasion).

You get the idea. (You would really be surprised at how many definitions for LINE there are. I challenge you to pull out your Webster's dictionary!)

ANYWAY, I hope you'll join me on occasion as we travel down the County Line I call home. I hope you'll come along on the journey! (My daughter Jill's journey is fun, too: Check out her blog at


  1. I am amazed that you have time to do this, Kim, but I know you have lots of insight and humor to share. I'll look forward to my time spent on the County Line!

    Brenda Minnis

  2. Yea for Kim!! I love the choice of your picture! It is a favorite!!

  3. Welcome to blogland. And I think we got the notes at Farmer's Market in LA. Mine said, Lines from Lisa on hot pink. I definitely don't remember my second choice!

  4. Welcome to blog world! I LOVE that picture in your banner. Beautiful ice! (Is there such a thing?!) I'm afraid I am more in the line of your sister--don't think about it too much, just do it! (That gets me in trouble once in awhile!)

  5. Thanks, Mrs. E! I took the photo during the ice storm of December 2007. The photos I took were about the ONLY good things to come from that storm. We were without electricity for 12 days - not fun! I think I need to strive to be more like you and Lisa!

  6. I'll be a faithful follower.
    Keep the posts coming - so far, excellent work!