Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When the Winds Blow

When a day is still, I don't notice flags. Do you?

But when a strong wind buffets a flag, it immediately draws your eyes to it. We watch its ripple and hear the snap of canvas as the wind tosses it to and fro.

Racers start their engines and put their foot on the gas when the flag man waves the green flag. At a race, do we pay attention to the checkered flag until it's waved wildly to signal the end of a race? We're probably not looking for the flag that's just sitting idly in the flag man's hands.

Today - June 14 - is Flag Day. Head on over to my Lovely Branches Ministries Food for Thought blog for more thoughts about facing the "winds" of life and for recipes (like the one pictured below) to celebrate Flag Day. Or click on this link to my KFRM blog for a more patriotic look at this special day.

Happy Flag Day!

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