Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

June 14, 2011
You can see the double rainbow just to the left of the intense rainbow.

You can travel the world over and see beautiful places and spectacular scenery. But a stormy Kansas sky has to rival even the most photographed places.

Otherwise, why would Dorothy have wanted to go home so badly?

I've teased the guys that I'm not going to bring supper to the harvest field anymore. They aren't going for that idea, even though we've had complications. Every. Single. Time.

For the first three nights, it was breakdowns. The scorecard so far? Two combine breakdowns and one truck battery failure. All happened around suppertime.

Yesterday's harvest complication had to leave a smile on your face, even though it meant another interruption.

As usual, it's impossible to capture the magnificence of a rainbow. Both ends were vibrant, and the shadow of a double rainbow decorated each end. Where's a panoramic camera when you need one?

We knew the storm was coming. And even that was beautiful. Randy wolfed down supper and picked up a passenger. (There was no time to pause for photo ops as Trevor climbed into the combine cab.)

It was a race to get as much wheat cut as possible before the winds blew in the rain.

But there was time for Trevor's sister, Emalee, to dance in the pickup bed ...

and to steal a potato chip or two from her Daddy's lunch before she and her mom, Katie, took a trip to the elevator with Jake.

There's no place like home ... there's no place like home ... there's no place like home.


I love this version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow with What a Wonderful World. We used it as background music for Jill's portion of her wedding slideshow. It's a Kansas girl's theme song, for sure. Enjoy!

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