Friday, February 10, 2012

Adventures in GrandmaLand

We got to spend a little time with our two favorite girls this week. Jill had a conference for work and needed a babysitter since she's still on maternity leave.

Could I come watch Kinley? Let me think ... A couple of days in GrandmaLand? YES!

Randy had a Kansas Wheat meeting in Manhattan. But he decided he'd drive back and forth so he could have a little Kinley time, too. (Who is this guy? He wasn't that interested in our kids' infant days. He much preferred when they got big enough to go along for the ride without diaper bag in tow. But he's entranced by this little miss.)

We had lots of heart-to-heart talks. I told her that her Mommy used to use this bear quilt. It was made by another Grandma - her Great-Grandma Moore - for her Mommy's nursery.

We sang Sunday School songs, complete with actions. Kinley is good at moving her arms and feet.

We hung out with some good buddies like Mr. Giraffe, who plays a lovely jungle theme and coaxes us to dreamland.

We spent some quality time with Grandpa.

We met Mommy's work friends and got cool gifts like a Power Panther t-shirt and an Eat Smart, Play Hard sippy cup.

It remains to be seen whether Kinley will be a champion shopper like her Mom.

So far, she appears unimpressed with finding bargains.

But time in GrandmaLand? Priceless ... no matter how you look at it.

Kinley gets time with Grandma Christy and Great-Grandma Carol today. She's a lucky girl. And so are we.


  1. My favorite picture is "We spent some quality time with Grandpa."

    Glad you got to take care of Kinley for a while, looks like it was great fun!

    1. Randy was surprised when he saw the photos. He didn't know that I caught him napping on the job.

  2. My favorite place to visit- GrandmaLand!! I'm getting ready to leave today, but will return soon!! Enjoy Kim. It's the best!!

    1. Enjoy your time in GrandmaLand, too, Jerri!

  3. I think you're getting the hang of it, Grandma and Grandpa! Looks like you were playing dress-up!

    1. She might have a few cute outfits in her closet!