Friday, February 24, 2012

Calm: A Photo Challenge

February 15, 2012

I can get distracted by looking too far ahead. I have this deadline or that. I have this obligation, and oh yes, don't forget the one two weeks from now. I need to write that note. I must send that card. If only I could get just "one more thing" done before I leave for school to accompany choir.

I need to cook this. Clean that closet. (OK, I don't listen to the cleaning the closet "voice" too often.) But you get the idea. I can look so far down the road that I get overwhelmed with the enormity of it all.

It doesn't sound too calming, does it? And calm is what the Poetic Beauty of Winter Photo Challenge is this week.

But a foggy morning last week served as a reminder. It was a day that seemed more like spring than winter until I stepped outside. The temperature was warm enough to keep the fog from freezing, but it wasn't the sauna-like fog of a late spring day.

I had to drive to Great Bend that morning for a doctor's appointment. The fog was dense enough that I wasn't comfortable passing anyone. I was forced to look only at the area right in front of me.

And maybe there's a lesson there. Being in the moment and being fully present in the moment would certainly calm my sometimes anxious heart. Multi-tasking can be a valuable thing, but sometimes it's just too overwhelming.

I'll never throw out my to-do list entirely. But, like a foggy winter morning in Kansas, I need to focus on the important things right in front of me. I need to make time for the people in my life. I need to notice the beauty all around me.

Now that would be calming.

A foggy day, March 27, 2011, Coronado Heights

Writing is like driving at night in the fog.

You can only see as far as your headlights,
but you can make the whole trip that way.
--E.L. Doctorow

Today I'm linked to Poetic Winter Photography challenge at Project Alicia, Live and Love Outloud, Bumbles and Light and Sweet Violet. It's been such fun to link to this challenge, and I thank them for sponsoring it!


  1. Another post full of great insight, Kim. I too need to practice full presence in the moment and not overwhelmed by the running list in my head.

    I find it helpful to take my camera out to chore, even though I am multitasking and sometimes annoy the Rancher. Looking for neat shots helps me be more observant about the somewhat unexciting routine around me.

    The ironing pile is not going anywhere; neither is the messy closet. But, I can find calm in completing a nagging task.

    1. That fog was amazing. I ran in it first, and then drove the 4 blocks to school in it. No views like your photos, but I like what fog does to our world! I need your focus in my life right now!

    2. Yes, Robyn, I also take my camera with me when I go with Randy. He is really encouraging and patient, especially when it comes to having to wait to eat until I snap the latest blog-worthy meal - ha! He's definitely a good sport. But I also think he likes the blog's ability to keep landlords informed about what's going on around here. The blog has definitely made ME more attuned to what's going on around here, which is a great thing!

      Mrs. E - Your world is awfully hectic right now, so I'm not sure fog is going to work as a calming agent. Maybe deep breaths??! Good luck with the play, student testing and all that's on your plate at the moment. Whew!

  2. Always great to hear from you!

  3. Love this... A great reminder indeed- Learning to be present in the moments given us. You've captured this fog beautifully! Thanks so much for linking to our Poetic Winter Challenge!

    1. Thanks, Alicia, for stopping by, and thanks again for hosting the Poetic Winter Challenge. It was fun to participate!