Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back from Eagle Country!

After 2,285 miles and 473 photos, we are back at the County Line. We spent the last week and a half driving to and from Morehead, KY, where Brent is the media and marketing coordinator for Morehead State University athletics.

While we are used to all things K-State Wildcat, we just spent some time in the heart of Eagle Country. While we were there, we got to see three basketball games - two men's contests and one featuring the women. And while I was glad to cheer for Morehead State, I was really more interested in watching the video board and using my camera's telephoto lens to peer into the press box.
From the "Eagles' Nest" at the top of Johnson Arena, Brent works the video board at each game.
He flashes up the graphics he designed for Slam Dunks, "bank shots" (promoting a local bank, of course) and other action on the court. 

We also got to see the large-scale graphics he designed this year for the upper perimeter of the arena entrances.
These are just a couple of them, but the panels feature Morehead State's All-American ballplayers - both men and women.
We enjoyed seeing his office and meeting and eating lunch with some of his co-workers. I always like being able to visualize where my kids are and put names and faces together with some of the people they talk about.

Sorry to be vague about the trip before I left. I didn't really want to advertise that we were going to be gone. I had feverishly worked ahead on my KFRM radio reports, but I couldn't get a week and a half of blogs done ahead of time, too.

I promise I won't show you all 473 photos. But we did enjoy several stops along the way, as well as touring the area that Brent now calls home. So, yes, there will be some show and tell coming up here on Kim's County Line.

We came back yesterday to a little snow blanketing the wheat fields.

Unfortunately, we left the rain behind us in Missouri. It rained all day Tuesday as we traveled through the Show Me State. Then, about the time we got to the Kansas border, it quit raining. It was discouraging. We stayed all night in Topeka for a little Kinley time before heading back home on slick roads Wednesday morning.

I got back in time to play the piano for middle school choir. Just for the record, there's no quicker return to reality than middle school choir.


  1. I am thinking that middle school choir would be a crashing return to "earth"! Bet Brent loved your visit! :)

    1. Yes, if ever there is a way to return to the real world in one easy step, middle school choir is it in spades! We sure enjoyed getting to see him in action and create some more mental pictures of the people and places he talks about.

  2. Truer words were never spoken for a reality check! I am glad for Brent. Looks like he has his mom's artistic talent! Farm to Fantastic job in the real world.They say farm raised - doesn't mean you haven't the know-how to do really cool things! I know that many companies look for farm raised employees because of their work ethic and common sense. Congrats Brent!

  3. Thanks! We are proud of both of our kids, and I know that growing up in Stafford - with the schools, church, 4-H and supportive people - made a huge difference in their lives!