Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Daddle Saddle

Leave it to Brent to come up with a gift that had us all laughing. Eric and Jill are the proud owners of a Daddle Saddle.

Brent found it on Amazon, but I have no idea what he searched to come up with such an obscure product. He can't remember. But we will definitely remember Kinley going for her first ride on the Daddle Saddle. At this point, she needs a little help to climb aboard - and stay aboard, for that matter.

You have to give it to the manufacturer: The name is a winner. Kinley's "Daddle" strapped on the fabric saddle using the straps reminiscent of a backpack. It comes "complete with adjustable stirrups, soft saddle horn and a latigo strap designed with Dad's comfort in mind."

Like all good little girls, Kinley was willing to share her new toy with her cousin Hannah. Likewise, Eric was glad to share the opportunity to "daddle up" with his brother Brian, Hannah's Dad.
Photo by Jillian
So, during Kinley's birthday party, the two girls perched in the Daddle Saddle. Who needs a rodeo clown for western-style laughter?
Photo by Jillian
Hannah evidently thought she was on a bucking bronco.Yeehaw!
Photo by Jillian
As the packaging says, "Daddle up! It will bring hours of enjoyment to your home." We'll see if the "Daddle" thinks so as Kinley gets bigger.

It's good to use up leftovers from Christmas. Who says the leftovers have to be food? Here were a few other "funnies" from our holidays:
Brent bought Kinley a Wildcat hat. It was a little small, so that provided a little comic relief, too.
Grandpa continued his quest to make Kinley a cat lover. I wish I had a video of her reaction. When he would bring a cat into the house, she made this strange, high, keening sound. The calico cat tolerated the noise. Big Cat - who is a one-man cat anyway - was not a fan of Kinley's high-pitched song. He was shown the door.
I thought this one was funny. Kinley didn't really get a Crock Pot for Christmas. But it sure seemed like she was contemplating what she could make in it.

One of my other favorite moments was three kids in a tub at my parents' house. Braden, Neelly and Kinley all took a bath before getting in PJs for their journeys to their next Christmas celebrations. But I'll leave those photos for their baby books - not for public consumption. I wouldn't want some random person to find photos in their all-together and torture them some day when they are in junior high.

Laughter: It was one of the best gifts of Christmas.