Monday, January 14, 2013

Grandpa's Girl

Driving a Case tractor is in Kinley's blood (with apologies to Great Grandpa Moore and Great Uncle Kent who are John Deere men, through and through).

Kinley has joined a long line of Case tractor drivers. Her Mommy was the chief bale mover on our farm. (I wish I could find a photo quickly, but you'll just have to take my word for it.)

Grandpa Fritzemeier got her a "free" Case tractor with his equipment purchases at Straub's. It wasn't part of the original deal. But, when we were sitting at Straub's, waiting to sign the purchase papers on some "big kid" equipment, Grandpa saw the bright, shiny, red tractor.

Here's how the conversation with Norman (the salesman) went:

Randy:  "I should have been a better negotiator."

Norman: "Oh, why is that?"

Randy:  "Well, I just saw a tractor that I really need for my granddaughter. I should have worked that into my deal."

Norman: "It's for your granddaughter?"

Randy:  "Yes."

Norman: "That could probably be arranged."

It's kind of like getting "free" hats and "free" rain gauges - only better.
So, Kinley is starting her Case career early. I was amused by her attention to the "instruction manual" that came with it.

Grandpa loves his instruction manuals, too. He introduced her to the concept of learning all you can know about your equipment back in October.
Getting help from Cousin Hannah.
It's always good when you have someone to help you work on equipment, too. (My family would say you need the instruction manual because it's Case. Now, now. Let's play nice.)

These were more leftovers from Kinley birthday celebration. I had my first "fail" as a grandparent yesterday. We stopped by Topeka on the way home from Randy's Kanza Co-op board retreat in Kansas City. I didn't take one photo of Kinley.

But I did more important things like cuddling. She is sick, so it was much more important to snuggle. And, I will admit, I washed my hands before I left. Randy and I are still nursing the colds that she and her Mommy shared during Christmas.

And it's worth every sniffle.

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