Thursday, January 16, 2014

8,760 Hours

I get three daily email devotionals. If I'm honest, I sometimes click on them and just scan the message on my way to clicking the next email on the list. 

Other days, the message seems meant for me. 

Here's one from earlier this month:

A Time to Think

Eight thousand, seven hundred and sixty marvelous hours
are waiting for you this year. 
My prayer is that each one will bring you closer to God.
–Norman Vincent Peale, pastor and author
So, from sunrise ...
To sunset ...
And all the moments in between ...
In the big moments
And in the small
Let this be true for me
And for you, too. 


  1. Kim,
    Short, meaningful and packs a good punch; I like this post! The photos fit your thoughts perfect.

    Hope you have a great Thursday.

    1. Sorry to be so long in responding. We were gone a few days, and I'm cheap and didn't pay for internet access, except for one day. Ha!

  2. Lovely photos, concise devotional.
    Short and sweet. I like it.

  3. Kim ... your email got hacked. I got emails to my gmail and hotmail account from you, asking for money because your stuck in Kiev.

    1. Thanks! I heard from a bunch of people on Friday who got the same email. I've changed the password, so hopefully, that has resolved the issue for now. UGH!