Monday, January 20, 2014

Good for What Ails You

Feeling a little blue?

Medicate with a couple of twinkling blue eyes and a sweet little voice. It's good for what ails you.

Contrary to what some hacker would like you to think, I am not in Kiev. I don't need you to send me money to get me out of Russia. (However, if you want to join one of Randy's golf buddies in kicking in 5 bucks to help us out, we'll add it to the piggy bank. Just kidding!)

Actually, I got to tag along to Kansas City with Randy last week for his Kanza Co-op board meeting and retreat. That's as close as we got to Russia. On Friday, we got up early in Kansas City and headed to McPherson for a funeral. As we watched the moon set in the west and the sun rose in the east, we got the first phone call.

"So, are you in Russia?" the caller asked.

"Uh, no, we're on I-70."

"Check your email.

We heard from 30 people or more via phone call, text or email. And there I was, stuck on I-70, with just my Iphone (and limited technological abilities with it). So, Jill helped me out and changed passwords on the old email account (one I use only for this blog).

The more phone calls we got, the more disconcerted I got. I hated that an email, allegedly from me, could infect a friend or colleague's computer. And, besides, it was cutting into my reading time.

But, then, I decided I needed to put it into perspective. We were on our way to celebrate a life of a wife, mom, grandma, great-grandma and friend. (Randy's sister's mother-in-law.) A family at Pratt was saying goodbye to their little boy after a short battle with cancer. These families were gathering to say goodbye. And I was complaining about an inconvenient email.

After the funeral, we headed to Manhattan for my sister's housewarming, before returning to Kansas City for the final day of meetings.

On Sunday, a visit with Miss Kinley was definitely what I needed to put life in perspective.
She has traded her purple cast for purple high heels and is getting along great.
Watching her play and listening to her expanding vocabulary was just the attitude adjustment I needed.
I'd much rather have a visit with Kinley instead of a trip to Russia anyway.


  1. Those annoying telephone people! We should have 2 Mercedes and 4 million dollars by now! We won the drawing they had on our street! ha ha ha! Little do they know our "street" is a dirt road, and we are the only ones who live on it! Oh, hubby gets overly ummm "talkative" with these people. They usually don't call back!
    My mother had her email hacked and they sent out help me emails. It was kinda scary. But I knew she wasn't in England! Didn't need money and probably would have called me if she was in dire straights.

    1. Most people realize it was a scam, but there were a few who questioned whether we might actually be out of the country. That's what I find the most scary. And it makes me feel badly that I could have unwittingly "infected" their computer. I wonder if the Russia connection is a fresh one because of the upcoming Olympics. For years, it was pleas from Africa. (I must remember your husband's ploy! Sounds like something Randy would be good at!)