Friday, January 31, 2014

Harvesting Faith: Praying for Rain

A photo from Celeste Settrini's Facebook page:  Photo by Sally Strohn, taken on her ranch located just outside of Salinas, California
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning seems to throw a pass from the magazine insert cover right into my living room. Sports pundits endlessly debate "yay" or "nay" about the verbal bravado of Seattle Seahawks defender Richard Sherman. Companies are "leaking" previews of the commercials for which they paid $4 million for 30 seconds of prime time. Party planners are jotting down menu plans.

Super Bowl XLVIII is coming on Sunday:  You would have to be living in the same hole as Punxsutawney Phil not to realize that. (Sunday, February 2, is also Groundhog Day, by the way.)

But you likely don't know about another event on Sunday. It hasn't been on the national news. It doesn't occupy the fronts of popular magazines. Yet, it could have a much deeper impact than whose team has more points on the scoreboard after four, 15-minute quarters on Sunday night.

On Sunday, you're invited to Harvesting Faith: A day of reflection, prayer and fasting. It was organized by someone I've never met in person, Celeste Settrini, a rancher near Salinas, Calif. I first heard her on KFRM 550 AM, the radio station where I give my daily Central Kansas reports. I clicked her name on Facebook, and we became "friends."

She is an ag-vocate. In addition to raising cattle in California, she travels to events across the country promoting agriculture. A couple of weeks ago, she set up the Harvesting Faith Facebook page, with these words: 
In good times and in times of need, I have often turned to prayer to pull me through. We celebrate in thanksgiving for the good that has been given to us and, when times are not so good, I pray for guidance, help and balance in all God puts in front of me.

This is different for me ~ I have never vocally shared my faith or my need of help. That is something I have done within the privacy of my own self. However, this past week I had someone tell me “Celeste, you need to create a day of prayer and fasting, and if anyone can get it done, it will be you. You have the ability to take the lead, and we will follow." My friend inspired me enough to say, "What do we have to lose?"

On Sunday, February 2, I ask that you all join me in prayer and fasting to ask for rain for our livestock, our crops, our livelihood here in California and in those places that need added moisture. How? Maybe it is extra time spent at your worship service, maybe passing up on your favorite treat and taking that time to think. Whatever the situation may be, I ask that you join me in praying for rain. It's that simple. And when it does come, I ask that you give thanks. God Bless!
Here on the Central Plains of Kansas, we understand drought. For more than two years, we were in exceptional drought. Here on the County Line, we brought cattle home from summer pasture early, then sold off the calves, since we didn't have enough feed for the winter for them and the mama cows both.
Rattlesnake Creek, Summer 2012
 Crops wilted and failed
2012 milo crop, which we baled up for feed.
Last year was better. We got good moisture from snow and some timely rains in the spring and summer. And while Kansas isn't "drought free," conditions have improved.

I'm not asking you to fast on Super Bowl Sunday, but I am asking you to say an extra prayer for rain for those who so desperately need it. If you feel so inclined, "join" Harvesting Faith on Facebook.
From Celeste's Facebook page this week.
It won't cost you a thing except a little time. But the effects could make all the difference in the world. Thanks, friends!


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    1. I thought so, too. Produce farmers are also struggling in California because of the drought.

  2. Haven't heard anything about groundhog day. Or the movie on tv!
    Great idea on the daily prayer.

    1. Even good ol' Phil may get shuttled aside this year because of the Super Bowl, Cheri! We don't usually hear much until the actual day any way. Thanks for joining in prayer!

  3. I completely believe in this! wonderful things will happen!

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment and for praying. I know things like Facebook and the internet get a bad rap, but they can be a positive thing, too, when we come together for a common purpose.